Diving Back In (Amazon, 2021) was released to positive acclaim, quickly being chosen by Wowsa as a top 100 book about open water swimming. 

Diving Back In is a memoir about how enriching it can be to get out of the comfort zone. In this case, Max returned to the pool almost 30 years after hanging up his goggles in frustration. With vivid descriptions and inviting language, he takes you on a journey where an adult finds more joy and satisfaction out of something he once loved than he ever did as a child.

"Diving Back In is more than a guide to maximizing your experience in the pool, more than a series of useful directives and lessons to make the most of every workout. Max Munson provides a rumination both on his own journey to find peace returning to the deep end and for all of us as we try to maintain perspective on the things that matter. This is a book not just for swimmers, but for anyone who needs to be reminded that, of course, there's so, so much more to competing than winning."

Mark Fainaru-Wada / ESPN, Reporter

"Max Charles Munson's Diving Back In is that rare, sophisticated, yet abbreviated motivational treatise that delivers on its promise--expressly, to bring us to realize the potential of our true passions embedded deepest within us, and in turn, to discover volumes about ourselves, our personal potential, and in leveraging it all, our potential to give even more to others, and to humanity. An exceptional start to what I hope is an even greater project yet to be realized. Munson is well on his way."

David Laszlo Conhaim / Author of national award-winning novel, All Man's Land

"Why should kids have all the fun? As this gem of a book affirms, adulthood can give new perspective to life's simple pleasures. Take a deep breath and don't be afraid to get a little wet. Fulfillment lies just below the surface."

Benjamin Cunninham / Writer for The Economist

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